Featured Art

Eye Want To Be Your Friend

Clusterf*ck United’s 2018 art project in the works; coming to a Playa near you! “Eye Want To Be Your Friend”, a projection mapped eyeball seeks you out from the playa and entices you to come play. E.W.T.B.Y.F.’s expressive sentience emerges from a network of depth sensors, engaging participants with animated behaviors as if they were interacting with an alien robot.

The E.W.T.B.Y.F. is planned to consist of three arcing “legs” converging at a central point 15ft above the floor where a 4ft diameter polycarbonate hemisphere (the “eyeball”) is suspended, providing 13ft of clearance above the floor for multiple participants to approach and interact with the piece. Above the eyeball, a cylinder will house a short-throw projector and auxiliary electronics. The projector will be calibrated to project an image across the inner surface of the hemisphere. The robotic facade adds to the overall aesthetic of the piece. Depth sensors detect participants and respond with visual and lighting effects. Ladders are built into the legs to provide access for attendants to climb up to a ring platform surrounding the central pillar to experience the playa from 15ft high.

Asterisk Car


Camp Beacon

Makes the camp easy to find late at night and creates sense of identity and persistence from year to year. We use the playfulness of our camp name by highlighting the asterisk (*) for our identity. Built out of pipes so that it is climbable.

Perpetual Wave

Light plays strange tricks in the desert: our man-made mirage simulates the rippling movement of water. Concentric rings are lit up in neon blue and move up and down to create harmonic waves. The gears to run the installation are human powered, which inspires interactivity with others.

Sedan Chair

Whether you're heading to Mecca, crossing an ocean, or just going to Burning Man, traveling can be hard. But from slaves ships to private shuttles, if you're on the right side of wealth, religion, or politics, there's a good chance that you can find a way to make the trip less than back-breaking. This year as part of our gift to the playa we're going to give lucky strangers and the occasional needy friend the chance to ride in style, via a human powered palanquin/rickshaw hybrid vehicle. It will

Sphere of Illumination

Our existing 14-foot-tall, 22-foot-radius geodesic dome will be transformed into an illuminated sphere. There will be paper parasols and lanterns with shining light to create a kaleidoscope effect inspired by the markets along the Silk Road. The dome will be furnished with rugs and inflatable furniture with draped fabrics to create a plush, relaxed environment. We will also have hookahs for use. The entry to the dome will have an ornate design made of wood and lights that will be both inviting a